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10 Ways to Engage Members Beyond Elections

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Feb 4, 2016

Most members want to participate in decisions and contribute to their professional community. One way they can do this is to be a part of your organization’s elections, but an election is just one type of vote.

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Fingerprint Report: Your See-Through Solution to Voting Transparency

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Jan 26, 2016

Transparency is a major concern for organizations who run their voting events online, so it’s no surprise that we're frequently asked what we can do to help ensure the integrity of these events.

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Notifying Voters with eBallot is a Piece of Cake

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Jan 19, 2016

Do you struggle with keeping your voter communications organized?

eBallot makes it easy for you. One way we simplify the process is with our voter email notifications. Send emails targeting specific recipients based on their voting status, including:

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Five Favorite Voting Posts of 2015

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Dec 24, 2015

Thanks for being a part of our Devoted blog this year! We hope you've found useful tips and learned a few new things about voting.

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Move Your Voting Beyond the Same Ol’ Same Ol’

by Michelle Toomey, Elections Consultant on Dec 22, 2015

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

That’s a popular quote with conference speakers. Usually it’s attributed to Einstein, but no one can find anything in his papers or speeches to prove he really did say it.

Which reminds me of a commonly cited quote from Abraham Lincoln:

“Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”

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Plan Ahead for Marketing Voting Events in the New Year

by Michelle Toomey, Elections Consultant on Dec 17, 2015

It’s too early for New Year’s resolutions, but there’s one thing you can resolve to do in the New Year that will make your work less stressful and your leadership elections more successful.

Plan ahead.

Instead of waiting until you absolutely have to work on the election, resolve to work on the bits that you can ahead of time. A little extra planning will bring you better results.

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Use Social Media to Boost Voter Awareness and Turnout

by Michelle Toomey, Elections Consultant on Dec 15, 2015

As recently as five years ago, social media was a tough sell in the association world. But not anymore. According to the latest data from Pew Research, nearly two-thirds of American adults (65%) use social networking sites, up from 7% when Pew began tracking social media usage ten years ago.

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How to Succeed in the Membership Economy

by Michelle Toomey, Elections Consultant on Dec 10, 2015

Do you have a favorite membership experience?

Think about organizations you belong to and love. Maybe it’s your regular airline—Southwest is mine. Or your gym, CrossFit, or Weight Watchers. Your church or community group. Perhaps an association. Amazon Prime or Netflix.

Netflix is the favorite of Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of The Membership Economy and the guest speaker of an Abila webinar last week, Make Your Members Love You: Grow New Member Loyalty. She asked webinar attendees to think about how their favorite membership organizations deliver value and create loyal members (or superusers).

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Weekend Reading from Votenet: December 4, 2015

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Dec 4, 2015

Every Friday, we share the posts that captured our attention during the week. Today’s posts cover board recruitment and onboarding, committee names, volunteer recruitment, organizational culture, and holiday productivity. We hope you find them helpful, interesting, or thought-provoking.

Take charge of December. With the holidays approaching, December seems like a short month. So much to do in a few compressed weeks. But it’s also a very productive month when you think about everything you get accomplished: shopping, parties, cleaning, decorating, cooking, baking, and traveling to spend time with family and friends.

Leadership expert Kevin Eikenberry says you should take advantage of December’s hectic pace. He shares five things you can do this month to make December more productive in all areas of your life, including work. (Leadership and Learning with Kevin Eikenberry)

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Tips for Improving Voter List Accuracy (part 2)

by Caitlyn Perkins, Account Manager on Dec 3, 2015

Nothing spoils an election like an incomplete or inaccurate voter list. You can ensure your election goes according to plan with our tips for preparing accurate voter lists. Check out the post we published earlier this week for additional tips on improving voter list accuracy.

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