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How to Lose a Voter in 10 Ways

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Apr 13, 2016

In the comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Kate Hudson plays Andie, an advice columnist who decides to add a twist to her usual stories by writing a piece on how to make a guy break up with you after dating him for only 10 days. She pulls out all the stops in her experiment to get a cocky ad exec played by Matthew McConaughey to date and then dump her.

Of course Kate’s character in the movie knew exactly what she was doing to chase the guy off (and in the end love wins, romcom style) - but what if you’re not trying to drive someone away? Like a voter? Could you be making moves that turn voters off without even realizing it?

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Managing Online Voting is Like Organizing Your Closet

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Apr 1, 2016

How often do you organize your closet?

If you’re like me, you faithfully switch out your wardrobe twice a year in the name of fashion and fresh starts. You sort, save, and purge until you can finally walk into your closet without an avalanche of clothes, shoes, and bags falling on your head.

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Subject Lines That Make Voters Open Your Email

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Mar 18, 2016

Every day your emails compete for attention with hundreds of other emails in a member’s inbox. 

So why would they open yours?

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What Makes Voters Click?

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Mar 8, 2016

We make hundreds of decisions every day. Some big, some small, some exciting, some routine, and some so routine, you don’t even realize it.  So I’m sure it comes as no surprise that all of these decisions can drain our mental energy and cause “decision fatigue.” Zzzz... 

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11 Ways to Have a Better Voting Experience

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Feb 22, 2016

Organizations of all shapes and sizes struggle to find ways to engage busy members and make it easy for them to participate in voting events and elections. An online voting platform can offer stress-free solutions to these common challenges and other advantages for members.

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10 Ways to Engage Members Beyond Elections

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Feb 4, 2016

Most members want to participate in decisions and contribute to their professional community. One way they can do this is to be a part of your organization’s elections, but an election is just one type of vote.

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Fingerprint Report: Your See-Through Solution to Voting Transparency

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Jan 26, 2016

Transparency is a major concern for organizations who run their voting events online, so it’s no surprise that we're frequently asked what we can do to help ensure the integrity of these events.

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Notifying Voters with eBallot is a Piece of Cake

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Jan 19, 2016

Do you struggle with keeping your voter communications organized?

eBallot makes it easy for you. One way we simplify the process is with our voter email notifications. Send emails targeting specific recipients based on their voting status, including:

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Five Favorite Voting Posts of 2015

by Jenn Barton, Marketing Director on Dec 24, 2015

Thanks for being a part of our Devoted blog this year! We hope you've found useful tips and learned a few new things about voting.

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Move Your Voting Beyond the Same Ol’ Same Ol’

by Michelle Toomey, Elections Consultant on Dec 22, 2015

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

That’s a popular quote with conference speakers. Usually it’s attributed to Einstein, but no one can find anything in his papers or speeches to prove he really did say it.

Which reminds me of a commonly cited quote from Abraham Lincoln:

“Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”

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